Erasmo Macaya H.
Principal Investigator ALGALAB
Assistant Professor
Department of Oceanography
Universidad de Concepción
Erasmo Macaya

Área Principal de Investigación:
My research focuses on different aspects of algal biology-ecology, such as: algae-herbivores interaction, algal phylogeography, taxonomy, among others. (see research)
Universidad de Concepción, Dpto. Oceanografia. Cabina 10
Casilla 160-C
Concepción, Chile
Ph: (56) 41- 2661194 - Fax: (56) 41- 2225400
- Marine Botany.
- Ecology and conservation of macroalgae.
- Thesis Project Proyecto de Tesis. Colaborator
- Molecular technics applied to marine genomics. Colaborator
Selected articles :

Macaya E. C. & Zuccarello, G. C. 2010. Genetic structure of the giant kelp Macrocystis pyrifera along the south-eastern Pacific. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 420, 103-112.

Macaya E. C
& Zuccarello, G.C. 2010. DNA barcoding and genetic divergence in the giant kelp Macrocystis (Laminariales). Journal of Phycology. 46: 736-742.

Macaya E. C. & Thiel M. 2008. In situ tests on inducible defenses in Dictyota kunthii and Macrocystis integrifolia (Phaeophyceae) from the Chilean coast. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 354: 28–38.

Macaya E. C, Boltaña S., Buschmann A., Hinojosa I., Macchiavello J., Valdivia N., Vásquez N., Vásquez J., Vega J. & Thiel M. 2005. Presence of sporophylls in floating kelp rafts of Macrocystis spp. (Phaeophyceae) along the Chilean Pacific Coast. Journal of Phycology. 41: 913-922.

Macaya E. C, Rothäusler E., Molis M., Wahl M. and Thiel M. 2005. Induction of defense and within-alga variation of palatability in two brown algae from the northern-central coast of Chile: Effects of mesograzers and UV radiation. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 325: 241-227.