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The South American Research Group on Coastal Ecosystems was established to assess marine diversity and biomass along both coasts of South America through an international collaboration. The main goals of SARCE are to:

•Test hypotheses about latitudinal gradients and patterns of local and regional biodiversity
•Identify the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
•Assess the effect of environmental gradients and anthropogenic stressors

About SARCE Internships

SARCE is also committed to education, therefore, one of the goals is to implement a capacity building program that will allow the exchange of students between the SARCE countries so that they can participate in the field trips in different localities with different environmental conditions and biodiversity, and benefit from the experience of the local research team.

The internships will provide funds for students to attend and actively participate in the SARCE 2013 field campaigns while they acquire knowledge and experience on a different ecosystem (e.g. temperate vs. tropical, Pacific vs. Atlantic).

Internship locations

-Venezuela (JJ. Cruz and P. Miloslavich)
-Argentina (G. Palomo and G. Bigatti)
-Chile (S. Navarrete; E. Macaya; R. Sepúlveda)
-Brazil (A. Flores; R. Rocha; F. Pelizari)

Application Materials

Cover Letter/Essay
Statement of your research or studies and career plans, interest in research and reasons for applying to the SARCE Internship and to which of the four countries you would like to apply. Include what you can contribute to the program and what you would like to take away from the experience. Focus on tangibles.
-2 pages max, minimum 12-pt font
-save as pdf file and include your name in the file name

CV or Resume
-2 pages max, minimum 12-pt font
-save as pdf file and include your name in the file

Letters of recommendation (2)
-Recommendations should be from academic staff, advisors or others who are familiar with your academic and/or field experience
-Recommendations should be emailed directly from your recommender to Patricia Miloslavich (pmilos@usb.ve). Please include the name of the applicant in the email’s “Subject”
-Scanned Official transcript(s) or grades showing your complete undergraduate/graduate university records to date.

All documents must be submitted to Patricia Miloslavich (pmilos@usb.ve) by April 20, 2013.

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